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Bill McCloskey

Bill McCloskey

Bill McCloskey is the founder of Only Influencers, LLC and eDataSource, LLC

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captashAndy, aka Captain Inbox, is the Email Oracle at Pure360.

1. How Did you Get Started in Email Marketing

Even though the education system and I didn’t get on, I picked-up programming pretty quickly during a job fixing and building (then new) Pentium4 PCs at a local business equipment company, so I made the late choice to go to university at the age of 22 to see where that took me. When I left university in 2006 with a Higher National Diploma in Web Programming and a Bachelor of Science (degree) in Business Software Development I needed a job that I could do fairly easily whilst I looked for the right job. I didn’t want a sales job, done too many of those and found it too morally challenging over time; I wasn’t ready for a programming job, I needed something more social for a little bit to get my head back in the real world.

A software startup (something called an ESP) named “))) Pure” were hiring new sales people beginning with three months of account management as training, sounded perfect. I’d do my 3 months and quit before I had to go into sales; I should have got myself together by then and be ready for a proper job.

3 Months in, I went to hand in my notice, I was given a pay rise and made the first dedicated Account manager; I went on to build a team of account managers and then took on deliverability and invented @Captaininbox, before recently settling into marketing services, in a company of now nearly 200 of which I’m employee number 14 and now it’s called Pure360.

2. Tell Us a bit about your Current Role and what a typical Day is Like

I’m currently on something like my 6th job title in 8 years having just recently been promoted in my latest role as the company’s first Senior Managed Services Consultant. It’s a role I thoroughly enjoy. Everyday I get to use my experience and knowledge of email, account management, design, marketing, a bit of programming and our Pure360 software; I get pushed and motivated to stay on top.

The job is about delivering services sold to customers whether they are new customers or existing; some are one offs like training sessions handed to me by project managers on how to get the best out of the software, small projects like a full service campaign, data intelligence, creative fixes etc. and some are on going where I manage the project and do some or all of the email marketing for a brand.

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Here is what was on the Influencers' Minds Last Week:

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1. A number of folks were interested in the newsletter managment service and curious about their business model. Members can  read the full discussion go here and I've included some discussions on from 2012 as well.

2. Examples: Good, bad and ugly of cross-brand email promotions/opt-ins: Do you cross promote your brands in your emails? Check out some examples here.

3. From what devices do people signup/register for email? Do people sign up for your list more from a desktop, mobile device, or a tablet? Find out in this discussion.

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(Editors Note: I posted this on the OI lists back in 2012. I'm reposting for everyone else today).

It has become a bit of a tradition here at OI to once a year reflect on September 11th, 2001. At the time I was writing a weekly column called The Tuesday Stroll. This year, in commemoration of 9/11 I though I would reprint my September 11th and September 18th from 2001 columns which directly addressed the horror of that day. Each Tuesday I would visit a series of companies and write about my visit. On 9/11/2001 I was to meet BuzzMetrics for their first interview with the media. They were directly opposite the World Trade Center. Needless to say, that meeting never happened.

Below are the two columns I wrote. You might find them interesting as they mention companies that are no longer around and people who have since moved on to other challenges. I hope you find it interesting.

Bill's Tuesday Stroll September 11th, 2001:    

Bill's Tuesday Stroll:

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The two main areas of conversation last week were on Email Change of Address (ECOA) issues and the flack over the latest edgy Spirit Airlines email.


The difficulty of simply changing ones email address was brought home by Influencer Loren McDonald in his attempts to change from his Silverpop email address over to the new IBM email domain (Silverpop was acquired by IBM recently). Loren discusses his frustrations, along with some of the OI discussion on the topic, in his latest Mediapost Column “Mom, All I want to Change is My email Address”. 

As outlined in the article, he found that many of the brands he was subscribed to had no easy way for him to update his email address and as a result he was forced to unsubscribe and then resubscribe. Since there are companies out there like FreshAddress who charge brands for the service of providing updated email address information, why would the brands themselves not make it easier for their customers to make the change? 

Although figures on how many people change their email address each year are a bit outdated, it was estimated a few years ago that up to 30% of subscribers changed their email address over the course of a year. So WHY don’t brands include ECOA in their marketing design plans? And what happened to all the talk about building preference centers from a few years ago?

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After two jam packed issues of the Only Influencers Newsletter, Email Acquisition Special Edition Part 1, and Email Acquisition Special Editioin Part 2, I've decided to give the Influencers a break this week to discuss a little bit about Only Influencers itself: its history, its purpose, its resources, and the Only Influencers Community as a whole. You also might learn a bit about the history and growth of the email marketing industry! I hope you will take the time to read this to the end. It is a long one.

This article is prompted by Jeanne Jennings extremely generous article in Clickz: 2 Industry Organizations Every Email Marketer Should Join. As a result of that article, we gained a lot of new subscribers to the OI newsletter, so it seems appropriate to give new readers a bit of background into what they are getting each week.


11 years ago, back in 2003, I founded a company called eDataSource, the world's first email intelligence company. As a result of the data eDS was collecting, I was able to clearly demonstrate, for the first time, the power of email to drive large spikes in traffic, across the board, and from an independent, 3rd party perspective. To say my jaw dropped open is an understatement.

At the time, no one was talking about email. There were no columns, no conferences, no trade organizations dedicated to email marketing. I set out to change that.

The first thing I did was approach Mediapost, for whom I had been writing for years on Rich Media Advertising topics, about doing a dedicated weekly column on email. I came up with the name the Email Insider, because the data I was receiving was unknown at the time. Mediapost went on to use the name "insider" for other marketing verticles as well, based on the success of my Email Insider column.

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