Are Personalization and Dynamic Content Mistakes Costing You Sales?


Research shows that marketers can see a 760% increase in revenue when they segment their email marketing campaigns. If you're not using advanced segmentation and dynamic content in your email marketing messages, then you're losing money and sales. It's that simple.

Unfortunately, the process to use personalization and dynamic content isn't quite as simple. The reality is there are five dynamic content mistakes that marketers frequently make, and all of them can lead to lost sales and revenue.

To learn what those five mistakes are and how to avoid making them in your email marketing campaigns, click the download button to get a free copy of Campaign Workhub's ebook, 5 Dynamic Content Mistakes that Cost You Sales (And How to Avoid Them).

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5 Dynamic Content Mistakes that Cost You Sales

Proofing Personalization and Dynamic Content

One of the biggest problems facing marketers today is the cumbersome, confusing, and stressful process to get email marketing messages reviewed and approved by all stakeholders. We've all been there – no one knows which version is the most recent, people repeatedly ask why certain changes were made, duplicate work is the norm, deadlines are missed, messages are sent with errors, and no one is happy.

When you add the steps to review messages that use advanced personalization and dynamic content, the process gets even more confusing and the likelihood that mistakes will be made jumps exponentially. Ultimately, you throw up your hands and say, "There has to be another way!" Campaign Workhub is the solution.

Faster Campaign Proofing and QA with Campaign Workhub

Campaign Workhub solves your email review and approval problems with an easy-to-use interface that all stakeholders can understand and commit to using.

10 Things Reviewers Can Do Quickly and Easily with Campaign Workhub:

  1. See all versions of your messages (and complete histories) by following a single link (no cumbersome logins needed!)
  2. Review the preheader information
  3. Review all message content (including links) with no fear of commenting on the wrong version
  4. Add annotated comments and revisions exactly where they need to go
  5. View task completion markers, so everyone is accountable and stuff gets done!
  6. Follow comments made by other stakeholders to stay in the loop
  7. Receive notifications when new versions or updates are made
  8. See messages in mobile and desktop views
  9. View all versions within a single “campaign” so all message variants are in a single place
  10. Review dynamic content and personalization side-by-side and easily confirm elements are working correctly – no other email review tool offers this critical feature
Faster Campaign Proofing and QA with Campaign Workhub

When you use Campaign Workhub, you'll have peace of mind that your approval checklist is completed and you received formal approvals on your final hosted emails, not mockups.

The best part is, you'll save time, money, and frustration when you use Campaign Workhub. You'll also send fewer messages with errors and meet more deadlines!

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