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Only Influencers is the longest running "Curated Community" for Email Marketing Professionals in the world. Founded in 2003 as The Inbox Insiders, OI has been an indepensible resource for email marketing professionals for over a decade. A broad mix of brand marketers, vendors, agencies, consultants, and thought leaders, each member is vetted and invited to join based on their background and qualifications. If you have a question that you need expert advice on and a quick answer, Only Influencers is your place. To Register and become a member of Only Influencers, please click on the Register to Be a Member at the top of the screen. Only Influencers is curated by industry veteran, Bill McCloskey, who is also the Chairman of the Email Innovations Summit, held each year in Las Vegas and London.  

Members have found Only Influencers it to be a safe, trusted environment for email marketers to discuss sensitive issues. They openly share and exchange information with their peers, confidentially and privately.

Membership is only $20 a month or $200 a year, cancel at anytime.Special offer for select Brands: Try Only Influencers for 3 months Free! To apply for the free trial, contact Bill McCloskey directly

About Bill McCloskey: Bill McCloskey has been affectionately called The Godfather of Email* and since 2003 has been instrumental in driving awareness of the email marketing industry. He founded eDataSource, Inc, the first email intelligence company and was the first person to write exclusively on Email Marketing when he created the Email Insider column for Mediapost. He is the Chairman of the Email Innovations Summit, and develops the agenda for each show. Join us in Las Vegas for the Next Email Innovations Summit, May 16th and 17th. Hear the Latest Podcast Featuring Bill McCloskey: THE GODFATHER OF EMAIL MARKETING

*(Rebel’s Guide to Email, D.J.Waldow)

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