Nick Crawford (PG DIP DigM) Owner of Twist Consultancy

Nicks mission is to demystify Email & CRM for Brands (& their agencies.) Unlocking the true value of their customer relationships. His core marketing principle is that “relevance engages, engagement converts.”

A ‘T’ shaped marketer, combining a breadth of expertise gained over 15 years. He blends a wide range of delivery experience with a specialism in email.

An elected member of the DMA Email council and IDM Tutor of their Digital Diploma. He holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Digital Marketing from the Institute of Data and Marketing (IDM)


Email Marketing: Unlocking business-wide intelligence.


Email marketing - a goldmine of business intelligence. Ready to unlock the hidden power of your campaigns? Read on to transform your email marketing from a communication tool into a strategic powerhouse. From sales to product development, customer service to brand strategy, discover how email insights can give your company a...

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Theory. The secret weapon unlocking your email marketing success.


I was recently asked to provide a keynote speech at a university. In preparing for this I started to think about the benefits of learning. Drawing on my own experience both sides of the lectern, I know and see how combining theory with real world practical experience, elevates any marketers game....

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Beyond Blah: Crafting exceptional emails your audience can't ignore


How many emails do you see (and maybe even create) that are “OK”? It’s not enough anymore. This guide equips you with five ways to transform your campaigns from forgettable to phenomenal. Master planning, storytelling, killer content, tech and channel integration. Rise above the inbox noise, crafting emails that captivate, build...

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The psychology of choice. Crafting compelling emails for results.


Ever wondered what influences your audience as they open, click, or engage with your emails? This article is your key to understanding the psychology behind those choices. We'll unravel the science and craft of creating emails that not only capture attention, but also drive action and long-lasting customer connections. Note: The...

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Laugh Your Way to Success: The Power of Fun Content in Email Marketing


Adding a touch of humour and playfulness to even serious topics or products can significantly enhance your email campaigns. In this blog we'll delve into the psychology behind joyous content and explore how it can elevate your email marketing game. I’ll provide examples and practical tips to strike the right balance...

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Rising above the mundane: The power of human creativity in email marketing


Summary: With AI creating time efficiency on many tasks, marketers can (and should) increase their focus on creating richer, more connected, and more customer-centric content. By adding personality and emotion to emails, we can develop conversations beyond simple communication. As an example, I explore how a hotel's well-crafted webpages and emails,...

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ChatGPT, Email and Me


Are you curious about how ChatGPT and AI could change the game for your campaigns? Look no further. In this blog, we're going to dive into the world of ChatGPT and explore how this powerful language model can help improve your email marketing efforts. But before we get into the nitty-gritty,...

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Don’t optimise for the click, optimise for engagement (7 tips)


Ever thought "My click rate is decreasing, but I don’t know why." Here are some ways to further assess the situation and 7 key areas to focus on to create increased engagement (the clicks will follow.) When reviewing your email performance are you seeing a downward trend in your click rate?...

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Conversations, not just communications – keeping your subscribers interested over time.


Great conversation is one of the joys of life. It entertains, informs, and engages. What lessons can we learn from breaking down the art of good chat. And how can we use this to develop our planning and content approach. Developing our emails from simply communications to conversations. Don’t talk at...

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Out of ideas? Here are 5 super simple recommendations to develop your emails


Over time it gets tougher and tougher to come up with those new ideas that will keep your email campaigns on an upwards performance. You’re not alone. And as someone clearly open to keeping well read and informed, here’s some help, just for you (ish). One of the toughest tasks for...

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5 steps to simplify your email planning. Stay fresh, relevant, and ahead of your competitors


Is the need to deliver the next email campaign NOW! causing you to simply rinse and repeat old activity? Planning doesn’t need to be a luxury you don’t have the time for. Here are 5 simple steps to work through to ensure you keep your activity fresh, relevant and delivering maximum...

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From blank box to killer content


Email planning for an email campaign can often start as a blank box on a send calendar or launch schedule. But how do you ensure that you can put the reader back into the heart of the content? Here we look at 3 proven methods to move from planning to customer-centric...

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Don’t guess. Ask. Survey what readers really think of your emails?


How do you know what the majority of your readers think about your emails after receiving them for a while? Given that the majority of your audience won’t click on an email (a classic success measure) and open rate is diminishing as a measure of engagement, why not simply ask your...

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Dark Mode – a new layer of render complexity


Once upon a time we could test, learn, and implement without fear or bias. Knowing that our emails would look different for each reader, but happy to work with the majority view. This is no longer the case as this example highlights. Help wanted on what you’ve found, changed and decided...

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Data insight is not the whole puzzle. It’s only one piece


Editor's Note: Nick will be leading a discussion on this article at a special, open-to-all OI Live Zoom Call on Thursday, March 25, 2021 from 12:00 noon to 1:00 PM ET. Register here.   Great marketing, that blend of art and science, is as much about knowing your customers emotional needs and...

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Develop a good ‘Creative Delivery Process’. Your key to meeting the brief with reduced stress


Summary Using a defined creative delivery process with clear accountability across decisions and task, will ensure you produce the best campaigns with the minimum waste of time and effort. Have you ever found yourself having any of these conversations with colleagues or clients: “We need to do something, but we’re not...

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Time to give your newsletter some love? A case study to help inspire.


Summary What’s the purpose of your newsletter? Often one of the largest and most frequent sends from a brand, but often a compilation of message and objective, as it tries to do all things for all stakeholders. When trying to speak to all of your audience at the same time, what...

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If great email marketing is a blend of art and science, where has the art gone?


60% of email marketers believe that their skills are below good 45% of marketers report that half of all emails sent are not relevant 86% of customers report that over half of emails they receive are not useful Source: DMA Marketer & Consumer Email Tracker Reports Given the priority of email...

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IT’S ALL IN THE TELL. The power of vendor storytelling to brands.


I’ve recently been working on two interesting projects which have put me either side of the brand and vendor perspective. Having worked agency, vendor and client side it’s a very useful juxtaposition from which to develop my own consultancy delivery experience. Project 1. I’ve been working with a marketing platform solution...

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