OI Survey Results: How Often Do you Hit the Send Button?

Survey Results

Other Responses: 

1. 15 times a day
2. We send mostly activity based emails, which allows the client to drive the frequency. Though we are careful not to send more than a couple of times a week, even on those campaigns.
3. 2-3 times a week
4. every other month
5. 5 days/week
6. These surveys don't offer enough options. Who are the senders? For instance, my company covers several brands, so emails go out multiple times a day.
7. Every Other Day (3-4x week)
8. Once a week during non-peak times, almost daily during peak
9. I manage email platforms now, I rarely hit the send button.
10. Our company sends email daily, but the engineers setting up send processes actually do the act of sending.



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Monday, 17 February 2020