Will Clubhouse (the newest social media app) Make You A Better Email Marketer?


As a marketer, I’m always looking for opportunities to get better results for our clients.

In case you missed the hottest new shiny object, let me introduce you to Clubhouse.

Clubhouse is a live audio-only social media platform that acts much like a live event with speakers on stage, and an audience who can ask questions, and a panel of topic-specific hosts and moderators. The sessions are live and not recorded.

You already may be wondering what this has to do with email marketing?  A lot!  But more than just email marketing, just about every topic you can imagine is there to participate in.

In today’s marketplace, it seems everyone is jockeying for position regarding their favorite media channel. Facebook Ads, Google Ads, TikTok, Email, Facebook Lives … so take your pick.

When a new social media app comes to market the louder voices are often heard touting (without merit) the death of more mature apps. This simply isn’t the case.

As a marketer, I/We need to keep an open mind, know our metrics, listen to the conversations, then decide for ourselves.

Clubhouse is a by invite only access platform. So, I had reserved my name and didn’t give it any more thought. Then one day I received one of the coveted invites, so I hopped into the platform to see what all the buzz was really all about.

Warning:  The way the Clubhouse app is, it can be addictive. There are no transcripts or recordings. The only way to connect directly with the room hosts, moderators, or audience members is via Twitter DM or Instagram DM. Don’t say I didn’t warn you :)

I was surprised to see who was on the platform. Many of the big marketers, e-commerce store owners, and marketers.

Morneau 2My “drop the microphone” moment came after joining several rooms and listening to how much airplay email was receiving. Day after day stories of scaling brands, building email lists, improving conversions for e-Commerce brands using email marketing.

It’s worth mentioning that Clubhouse users are early adopters talking about foundational marketing like email marketing.

These were not conversations by agencies bragging or selling, but stories of successes, failures, strategies using email to grow sales. Room after room the conversations were the same.

This platform is not for “pitching or hard selling” as you listen you’ll discover it’s more about serving and teaching. Then you earn the following, and the connections.  

The best tip I’ve heard about speaking on Clubhouse is to take "the me out of the message” and share your best message.

I’d suggest after spending some time there to create a back of the napkin plan of how you can best use this new media. Maybe it’s just market research,

So, in a world turned upside down, enjoy this new live platform to connect, listen, speak, and share in an environment that doesn’t require a button-down shirt and a nice video background. Track pants and a comfy t-shirt are just fine. I’ve actually begun listening to rooms like a podcast when I’m working at my computer and even while out for a run one morning.

Obviously, my bias is a marketing strategy with email being a cornerstone. However, as a brand manager, email marketer, or copywriter, you’ve got a live audience sharing their language about their problems.

So no, I don’t think Clubhouse or the next new social media app is going to kill email marketing. In the case of email, I believe it’s going to enhance it, over a broader perspective by giving more people a seat at the table.

Download the iPhone only app, register your name, wait for an invite, or better yet, ask someone you know if they have an invite they could give you.

Create your profile, join a few groups that interest you, use the search to find other people who share the same interests, listen in to a few rooms, then jump in, ask a question, or consider hosting your own room and invite your friends using the app to join you for a live discussion.

The organizers of this group “Only Influencers” are hosting their first Clubhouse Room Tuesday, Feb 2 at 9:00 AM PST on @joinclubhouse. Follow Jeanne Jennings, the GM of Only Influencers, on clubhouse @JeaJen.

Join us on Tuesday and connect with me on Clubhouse @dougmorneau. Let’s keep this conversation going.