doug Morneau

Doug is a Best-Selling Author, Speaker, Podcaster, and Media Buyer - specializing in Sponsored Email.

His first book “THREE BIG LIES – The Real Truth About Renting Email Lists to Generate Targeted Leads and Sales” became an International Best Seller.

As a podcaster, Doug currently hosts the “Real Marketing Real Fast” Podcast. He interviews top marketers, industry experts, and SAAS vendors.

Lazy Marketers Ruin Everything

Gary Vaynerchuk was quoted as saying “marketers ruin everything”, however, I don’t agree with that broad definition. I’m a glass-half-full guy. Let’s preface that with “Lazy”. Lazy Marketers Ruin Everything! Integrity, truth in advertising, authentic brands, and great products are everywhere.  However, so are the lazy marketers who cut corners, hack...
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Marketing Channels Strategy

While there are many emerging marketing channels strategies you/we/me can choose, we may best be advised to start with the assets we have, before chasing the newest shiny object. Lets face it, if we have a solid email subscriber list one could argue that you/we have prospects and clients that use...
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Will Clubhouse (the newest social media app) Make You A Better Email Marketer?

As a marketer, I’m always looking for opportunities to get better results for our clients. In case you missed the hottest new shiny object, let me introduce you to Clubhouse. Clubhouse is a live audio-only social media platform that acts much like a live event with speakers on stage, and an...
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Temp Email and The Fake Email Generator

Temporary email, fake emails, and disposable email addresses are nothing new and they are not going away any time soon. Caution is warranted: The results are costly to you as an email marketer. If subscribers have used a random email generator to create a temporary email address, they are most likely...
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Increase Conversions With Timely Relevant Messaging... Email Marketing for the Buyer's Journey!

The tough part is consistent execution and achieving that goal.  So how do we use email marketing to acquire a customer and satisfy that customer? Let’s start at the beginning.  When you have a problem, where is the first place you look for a solution? Google? Facebook? Youtube? You and I...
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Should you sell advertising in your email newsletters?

I’d suggest by the feedback I’ve gotten over the years, that most email marketers are thinking about this question the wrong way. Maybe a better way to frame that question would be; “What brand could you partner with, that would bring great relevant value to your current email subscribers”  As email...
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Are Email Marketers Missing Their Share of the $41.1 Billion Advertising Spend?

As the world of digital advertising and marketing has planted its stake firmly in the ground in support of “NATIVE” (Sponsored) Advertising, the consumers have made it clear that they support the move. The line between online content written by journalists and story-like ads that are paid for by specific corporations...
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