doug MorneauDoug is an Author, Speaker, Podcaster, and Media Buyer - specializing in Sponsored Email, a CrossFit & Olympic Weightlifting athlete, husband, dad, and granddad.

His first book “THREE BIG LIES – The Real Truth About Renting Email Lists to Generate Targeted Leads and Sales” became an International Best Seller.

He helps his clients with strategy and as a Media Buyer. This has helped his venture capital and investment banker clients raise in excess of $100 million dollars in the USA. He does this by leveraging email marketing, renting/sponsoring third-party permission-based email lists, online PPC advertising, and paid influencer marketing. 

This made him one of the nation's largest media buyers of sponsored email and rented email lists.

Should you sell advertising in your email newsletters?

I’d suggest by the feedback I’ve gotten over the years, that most email marketers are thinking about this question the wrong way.Maybe a better way to frame that question would be;“What brand could you partner with, that would bring great relevant value to your current email subscribers” As email marketers and publishers...
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Are Email Marketers Missing Their Share of the $41.1 Billion Advertising Spend?

As the world of digital advertising and marketing has planted its stake firmly in the ground in support of “NATIVE” (Sponsored) Advertising, the consumers have made it clear that they support the move.The line between online content written by journalists and story-like ads that are paid for by specific corporations can...
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Such great content. I have struggled with the best way to leverage email marketing. I don't want to alienate, but instead I want t... Read More
Thursday, 25 April 2019 15:53
Guest — Jaime Jay
Fantastic! Thank you for sharing. Knowing what advertising works and what does not is on ongoing battle for me. Reading this peaks... Read More
Thursday, 25 April 2019 17:15
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