In this journey, many of us have had a lot of different jobs and worn different hats. I've had more than most. Recently I made a list of all the jobs I've had. Believe or not, here it is:

I worked as a Sprout Farmer.

I have been a grave digger for a Pet Cemetery.

I did one graveyard shift at a Cement Factory squeeging the tops of Cement molds.

I was a vegetable stocker at Bread and Circus, the first natural foods supermarket in the US. 

I worked for Pat Cadell, Jimmy Carter's pollster.

I have worked in record stores in Austin Tx, Boulder Colorado, and Erie, PA.

I worked as a bartender.

At one time I made my sole living as a musician.

At one time I made my sole living as a writer.

I have taught at the college level.

I worked in a plant store in Pittsburgh.

I worked at the Whitney Museum stocking postcards and telling people where the bathroom was.

I was a painter and had two one-man exhibits in the East Village of New York.

I worked at the Peabody Museum, The National Academy of Design, and The New-York Historical Society.

I was the assistant to a sleezy publisher who never paid his bills.

I have made my sole living as an entrpreneur since August 2000.

At one time I made my sole living as a computer game designer.

At one time I had an agent.

I worked as a janitor at a home for the mentally challenged.

I worked in a pet store.

I worked for a vet.

At one time I made my sole living as a 3D Animator.

I was a Salesman.

I was a CEO.

I have had the word "Evangelist" in my title at two different companies.

I produced the first 3D banner.

I produced the first Japan to Mountainview Virtual Dance between a live performer and a 3D Avatar. 

I cut lawns. 

I cleaned New York City apartments.

I worked construction.

I ran conferences.

I have delivered speechs and keynotes to hundreds of people.

I was a stock clerk at J.C. Penney's.

I worked for Parents Choice Magazine demonstrating Toys that Teach on TV.

I've won awards.

I was a shipping clerk at a pre-amplifier company, Apt Corp.

I was paid one summer to build a kiln.

I painted houses.

I worked as a dish washer at Chris's Kettle in Boulder, CO.

I worked as a deli counter person at Pasta and Cheese and waited on Andy Warhol, Carol Channing, Andy Rooney, and Terry Garr.

I did sound for the Brooklyn Cultural Association.

I have started 5 companies.

I've been interviewed on NPR's Marketplace.

I've been quoted in the New York Times.

In this journey, one never knows where it will lead. Be open to your own journey.