Friday Pitches: December 9th, 2016

Every Friday, the Only Influencers membership gets to pitch their latest product and service. Here is last week's winners:

Andrea Bridges-Smith says:

Howdy, OI’ers!
On the latest episode of the Email Marketing’s Grave podcast, you can enjoy the dulcet tones of David Daniels, email marketing’s favorite uncle, as we wrap up 2016 and look ahead to 2017. What awaits us in 2017? A job-stealing robot named James, of course!

Amy Mullen says:

Hello Influencers, 

We want to share the first edition of our Best of the Blog series, featuring our top posts on best practices for email marketing fundamentals. Check it out.
- Amy
Movable Ink

Chris Marriott says:

Who made our list of the 10 Best Emails of 2016?  Big brands and small brands stood out this year.

Loren McDonald says:


I'll plug some IBM Watson Marketing content:
2.Center-brain marketing: preparing for a future of cognitive technology - Longer version article based on my trend contribution from the above trend white paper
3. Cognitive Technology: The End of Marketers and Marketing As We Know It? - Slides from my sponsored lunch presentation on Tuesday at the Email Insider Summit
4. Video of the above presentation
5. The New Marketing Reality eConsultancy white paper produced in conjunction with IBM Watson Marketing, requires an eConsultancy account