This Week's Best Email Marketing Pitches: Feb 3rd, 2017

This Week's Best Email Marketing Pitches: Feb 3rd, 2017

Every Friday the Only Influencers members gets to pitch the membership on their latest tools and services. These are the Best of the Week; 

Jordan Cohen | Fluent says:

Hi all, 2 “pitches” from Fluent this week:

1. For the Oracle Marketing Cloud customers out there, we officially launched our AppCloud, “Fluent Acquisition App”.  Marketers can seamlessly acquire new opt-in subscribers using Fluent and begin messaging to them across multiple channels in real-time through Oracle Responsys.

Press release: 

Link to the app: 

2. We have launched a new product called EnhanceConnect, which is a real-time CRM data enhancement solution.  By supplying Fluent with a hashed version of your CRM file (or a segment(s) of it), we can deterministically target users when they interact with our ad network and serve custom survey questions in order to build out more robust and actionable profiles.  

Sample use case:  An online travel company wants to know which of its subscribers are planning on taking a vacation in the next 3 months.  Instead of having to apply big data rocket science to make an educated guess as to who’s going to be traveling in the next 3 months, or going to a data broker who has aggregated data from who knows where (and who knows how old it is), we just go ahead and ask consumers themselves, in the moment.  

We pass back the responses to the marketer whether they tell us “yes I am traveling” or “no, I’m not.”  The travel company can now more aggressively send promotions and target ads to the traveling segment, and also save $ by suppressing the non-traveling segment from email and online marketing campaigns.  More info in link below, and/or give me a shout to learn more.

Thanks and have a good weekend all!

David Rangel says:

Hi everyone,

We just published our first "User Engagement Top 100 Report". 

We took the top 100 e-commerce companies in the US (per Internet Retailer) and looked at their welcome, shopping cart abandonment and blast campaigns. The report talks about what everyone does at an aggregate level (e.g., how many send certain campaigns, number of emails) and also looks at a few that are doing a great job or could improve.

You can read more about the report here:

And members of this group can download the report without filling out a form here:

Let me know if you have any comments or feedback!

Jennifer Watkiss says:

A fun one from Adestra: Long time OI member Ryan Phelan has been beavering away on an email podcast, and it’s now up on iTunes for your listening pleasure.

Welcome to the Incremental innovation in email marketing Podcast: how small steps lead to big changes with Ryan Phelan. Ryan is the Vice President of Marketing Insights at Adestra, a leading provider of one-to-one email and lifecycle marketing solutions for global and growing brands. Ryan is a respected thought leader and nationally distinguished speaker and has been named one of the top 30 strategists in global online marketing. In the podcast series, Ryan brings together thought leaders, industry experts, and senior executives to share with you how they lead their companies marketing initiatives through small and steady innovative moves and how you can do it too. 

If you give them a listen, we’d love some feedback from y’all, and/or suggestions for future episodes.