amithAmith Nagarajan is the founder of - software that makes it easy for any business to send a great newsletter using AI.

Amith has successfully started and scaled a number of technology companies over the past 3 decades. He is an entrepreneur who believes in the principles of Conscious Capitalism. Amith founded to partner with brands to better inform the world using conscious business practices and cutting edge technology. Now, alongside the team at, Amith works on developing AI to drive meaningful daily engagement between brands and their audiences via personalized email newsletters. For many years Amith has also been an active early stage investor in technology companies.

4 Simple Rules Successful Newsletters Follow for Loyal Readership

Your list of email addresses could be your company's more valuable asset becaue it's the only following you truly own. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and the rest of the gaggle dictate who sees what and when. Your list of email addresses will always belong to you. Better yet, you control exactly what...
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