April PaigeApril Paige is Marketing and Communications Manager at FreshAddress who drives business results and ROI by leveraging diversified experience and a passion for creativity to continually advance and achieve company goals.

She has a record of success in delivering multi-million-dollar revenue and profit growth while executing innovative, cost effective marketing strategies, programs and initiatives that produce results.

8 Tips to Turn Subscribers into Loyalists

I've been thinking about the provocative questions Chris Marriott raised in his recent Only Influencers post, Email Marketing’s Next Secret Weapon: Loyalty Programs to spur more email marketers and loyalty program managers to share data.  Two questions in particular keep coming back to mind: How can an email team turn subscribers...
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List Hygiene Matters Even More Today

Managing ISP inbox filters continues to be a leading issue for marketers, and it seems to get tougher everyday as ISPs add more and more factors to their screening algorithms.  Whether it’s your content, sending practices, user engagement factors, or improper data hygiene, sometimes it can seem almost impossible to navigate...
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