As VP Solutions Consulting, at Trendline Interactive, Chester has a passion for technology and is focused on finding the right application and marketing solution for client problems. A recognized Salesforce MVP, Chester is the Co-Author of Salesforce Marketing Cloud For Dummies. Want an Exclusive Discount on the book?

Bullock: What it Takes to do Meaningful Personalization


I’ve been in email marketing for 9 years now, the latest iteration of a digital marketing career that I have had going for over 20 years. During this time, I have seen interesting new technologies emerge—from Send Time Optimization, to Machine Learning, to AI being leveraged for content and subject line suggestions. And yet, I look in my own inbox and am forced to ask, “What the hell is going on?”

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6 Tips for Surviving Your First Week as an Email Marketer

6 Tips for Surviving Your First Week as an Email Marketer

I remember when I learned I was going to be responsible for email marketing for a new employer. My first reaction was “ok, what did I get into?” After the first bit of panic wore off, I developed a plan to educate myself and get immersed in the channel. Hopefully the tips below, which are based on how I learned the business, will help those who are new to this wonderful industry.

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