George Schlossnagle smallerGeorge Schlossnagle is a Co-Founder, Distinguised Engineer, and a Member of the Board at SparkPost (recently acquired by MessageBird). George has been working in email since 1999, when he and his brother began developing what would become the Momentum mail transfer-agent at OmniTI. Following the spin-out of SparkPost from OmniTI in 2008, George held the roles of CEO and CTO before moving into his current role in 2020. Through the expansive Momentum on-premises footprint and his role moving SparkPost into the cloud, George has overseen the evolution of enterprise-grade email sending and analytics over the past two decades.

George is an active participant in the global email community as well as a supporter of the Baltimore-area businesses, currently serving on the board of Circonus. George holds a patent for a method and system for adaptive delivery of digital messages. He received a BA and MA in Mathematics from Johns Hopkins University and his MS from Brown University. 

In his personal time, George enjoys cooking, backpacking and spending time on his Maryland farm with his wife Pei, their two children and their many beloved animals. 

Are Opens Really Dead?


Now that we’re almost a half-year into the rollout of iOS 15 and Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) – which protects user privacy by proactively loading all the images in users emails so as to reduce the utility of these pixels for tracking users and user activity – it seems like...

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Five data resolutions for 2022


As you sit waiting for sugar-plum fairies (or just enjoying good holiday cheer and relaxation), it’s a good time to start thinking about what you want to change up in 2022. Data is a big part of my working life, and so as I look forward to the new year, I’m...

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The future of email engagement measurement; where do we go from here?


With the drop of iOS about a week away at the time of this writing, we’re in the final stretch of understanding exactly what the effect will be on opens. Assuming that the change plays out as the majority of the industry believes it will, opens will become unreliable for almost...

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What Apple's Upcoming Privacy Changes Mean For Email


Email, and marketing in general, has been going through a privacy renaissance over the past few years. From GDPR to CCPA to Google announcing the end of support for third-party cookies in Chrome, the privacy landscape has been evolving rapidly. Apple has been an active participant in these privacy evolutions and,...

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COVID-19’s Impact on Email One Year Into the Pandemic

We’ve now passed the one-year anniversary of the world changing with the COVID-19 pandemic; how is the email industry doing one year in?  Perhaps unsurprisingly, email remained a steady channel of communication throughout the past year. Email sits in an enviable position within marketing. It has the highest ROI of any...

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The Trump Campaign's Unorthodox Email Tactics -- Do They Work?


The 2020 Trump reelection campaign has been anything but traditional and this has extended to their email practices as well. Political campaign email in the US is notorious for breaking general email best practices. Political email is explicitly exempted from compliance with CAN-SPAM, and so it is often a bit of...

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Where It's At on Opens by Mailbox Provider


The only right answer to ‘what is a good open rate?’ or ‘what should my open rates be?’ is: ‘it depends’. It’s also a lazy and useless answer when left at that because it ignores all the important contextual factors and provides no information. The truth is that if you are...

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How Does Tab Placement Affect Email Engagement?


With Microsoft rolling out more tabs in Outlook and Hotmail to help users organize their inbox by segmenting messages into Promotions, Social, Newsletters, people are naturally wondering what this will mean for marketers and how this will change your ability to reach your users at Microsoft domains. While no one can...

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