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Active in email marketing since 1996, Red Pill Email founder and Origin Email Co-Founder, John Caldwell, has worked on the agency side, the client side, and as a consultant, using deployment tools from ESPs to in-house to homegrown email systems.

John has been involved in over 100 ESP vendor selections for major clients since 2005, and has produced an annual Email Vendor Features & Functions Guide since 2009.

He is a Member of the Email Experience Council formerly serving on the Member Advisory Committee, as Chair of the Marketing & Membership, Co-Chair of the Email Measurement Accuracy Roundtable/Advisory Board, a member of the former Speakers Bureau, and member of the former Career Paths Roundtable. 

How Data Can Make You a Better Email Marketer

These are indeed challenging times for all of us. How do we make the right decisions on what messages to send, when to send them, how not to offend or be tone-deaf? A lot of us are confused. If marketing is anything, it's predictable, and you can use it to forecast....
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