2021 top posts: Only Influencers blog


We are so grateful to the members of the Only Influencers (OI) community who contribute to our blog! They are all amazing, they are all rock stars, tops in the industry. So this ‘best of’ list isn’t really feedback on the authors; it’s about the topics that reached the right people at the right time in the right channel.

Many of these topics are evergreen; even the ones that are a bit dated have good information to understand the big happenings in the email industry in 2021. All are worth a second look.

Some topics and authors are featured here more than once, including:

  • Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection, 4 posts, 10,571 Hits
  • Chad S. White, Oracle Marketing Consulting, 3 posts, 7,859 Hits
  • Ryan Phelan, RPEOrigin, 2 posts, 6,580 Hits
  • Chris Marriott, Email Connect, 2 posts, 4,554 Hits

Without further ado, here are the top OI blog posts of 2021, as judged by the number of views (all posts with 2,000 views or more are listed).


12 Duffy

Using ‘strategic email personalisation’ to increase the standing of email marketing with the C-Suite

Sean Duffy, Segmentum
April 13, 2021; 2,233 Hits


11 Marriott

2021 state of the ESP RFP survey results and conclusions

Chris Marriott, Email Connect
February 10, 2021; 2,271 Hits


10 Marriott

Email marketing’s next secret weapon: loyalty programs

Chris Marriott, Email Connect
August 17, 2021; 2,283 Hits


9 Devinney

7 email metrics to help your bottom-line

Jenna Devinney, Webbula 
February 17, 2021; 2,301 Hits


8 white

Managing the risks and opportunities of pandemic email audience changes

Chad S. White, Oracle Marketing Consulting
June 10, 2021; 2,338 Hits


7 Schlossnagle

What Apple’s upcoming privacy changes mean for email

George Schlossnagle, SparkPost
June 23, 2021; 2,386 Hits


6 Helyer

4 ways to ensure your email marketing gets the kudos it deserves

Komal Helyer, Pure360
April 16, 2021; 2,437 Hits


5 Phelan

Moving: the life event marketers are overlooking

Ryan Phelan, RPEOrigin
July 12, 2021; 2,649 Hits


4 Jennings

Pixelgeddon resource center

Jeanne Jennings, Only Influencers
June 18, 2021; 2,664 Hits


3 White

Apple’s MPP may drive email design changes that actually hurt customer engagement

Chad S. White, Oracle Marketing Consulting
September 9, 2021; 2,716 Hits


2 White

The 2 social contracts being broken by Apple’s new privacy protections

Chad S. White, Oracle Marketing Consulting
August 3, 2021; 2,805 Hits


1 Phelan

How do you define a thought leader?

Ryan Phelan, RPEOrigin
April 5, 2021; 3,931 Hits

Thanks for reading! Stay tuned for more great content from contributors to the OI blog in 2022!


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