Email Hot or Not: Holiday Edition


Hi OI!

Thought we would start a blog post about holiday emails. If you get one that strikes you, forward it to me at and I'll add to this post and start a discussion on the list. 

I got a lovely one today from BrightWave (and very timely, since my Godchildren and I had a few laughs over holiday Mad Libs earlier this month) -- the email itself appears below; click on the image to get to the landing page.

Wondering -- in other email clients (yes, I opened it on Outlook) did the landing page fields appear in the email itself? 

 We'll be discussing it live on the members-only list (not a member? apply to join now).

brightwave holiday email 2019


Here's another one I just got from the Philadelphia Insurance Companies -- any thoughts on this one? 

Be sure to click-through to get to the landing page. I am not nearly as tickled by this one as I was by the Brightwave holiday email. 

Philly Insurance Company


Here's one with a twist from Sift CRM -- instead of a fancy effect they've made a donation to charity. Nice sentiment, does it deeper your feelings toward the brand? Would you remember this when you're looking for a CRM system? 

Shift email