cameron kaneCameron Kane is the CEO at iPost. Always drawn to technology, Cameron entered the field of computers straight out of college. He has co-founded multiple startups and led teams that have created and launched many email software products, including Rich Media Email, Solocaster and eMVision. As the CEO at iPost, he strives to ensure customers distill value from the software, because he knows this has been a constant pain point for customers throughout the software industry and especially in the ESP space. Cameron lives in Northern California with his wife and two children. His hobbies including flying, tennis and beekeeping.

Next Generation Marketers Want Answers Not Stats

Living in the world of open rates, click rates and funnel driven conversion stats? I get it, we have to report on performance, but when do you get to do the really cool things in marketing? What happened to discovery and exploration? Why are we still looking at bar charts...
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iPost is a modern data and omni-channel messaging platform built by marketers for marketers. We built a platform designed to solve the data, personalization and automation problems marketers have faced for well over a decade.  What sets iPost apart is how our technology and partner ecosystems help manage data, content,...
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