Dmitry Kudrenko 600Founder and CEO of Stripo and eSputnik

Dmytro is a lifelong entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in the software development world, 15 specifically in email marketing. He is an expert in email marketing automation and a licensed specialist in Lead Management and Email Messaging, according to Meclabs. His goal is to make email marketing more accessible for businesses and more useful for subscribers.

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GenAI in the automation of email production: distant fantasy or a near-future workflow?


GenAI has recently captured significant interest in our industry, particularly for its potential to enhance email creation — from drafting subject lines to generating complete emails. Despite the current hype surrounding GenAI and the many applications being built on it, the practical utility of GenAI often falls short of expectations. Demonstrations...

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Building email with generative AI: From fragments to whole campaigns


Generative AI today is quite a big trend that is rapidly gaining momentum and finding its place in the work processes of email marketers. Statistics confirm this, since: 43% of respondents rely heavily on GenAI in email creation processes 49% of email marketers believe GenAI helps them make their emails more...

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GenAI: From junior to a senior copywriter


The buzz around Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) shows no signs of waning. On the contrary, enthusiasm and interest around GenAI are rapidly growing as it continues to revolutionize various industries with innovative applications. When GenAI first emerged, it was met with significant skepticism regarding its potential. However, the advent of ChatGPT...

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Transforming Email Marketing: The Power of Modular Email Design


Modular email design is not just a trend — it's revolutionizing email marketing.  Beyond well-crafted email snippets, modules offer a novel approach that reshapes email production workflows, allowing marketing teams to prioritize strategic initiatives over technical complexities. Evolution of email production Email has transformed over the past 50 years, adopting various...

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Four Years After Launch: Has AMP For Email Proven Its Worth?


Five years since its announcement and four years post-launch, we review AMP for Email technology to evaluate its advantages and disadvantages. What is AMP for Email? AMP for Email is a technology from Google that enables dynamic content in emails. In essence, it makes emails functionally similar to web pages. Actions...

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