Kelly dedmanKelly Dedman is an expert in email marketing, deliverability and custom marketing stacks. 20 years of digital marketing, technology, product strategy, customer segmentation, CRM and analytics experience. Recent experience in marketing automation, CRM, customer data platforms, email, SMS and push messaging.

Copywriter, marketer & technical problem solver.
 Kelly currently works with global creative and MarTech agency, Iris.

Marketing Cloud 2.0: The Future of Marketing will be Orchestrated

Marketing Cloud 2.0 has arrived. The second generation of the eponymous marketing cloud ushers in tighter integrations between customer data collection, cross-device identity resolution, audience and segment creation, marketing workflow and digital asset management, and orchestration of campaigns, data, creatives, messages and promotions across many channels. This might not sound like...
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You Might Need to Hire a MarTech Agency If...

Digital Transformation is back. You would be right to wonder, “Where did it go?” I've worked in the email marketing industry for a little more than twenty years. Before that, I earned a master’s degree in Technology Management at Mercer University in Atlanta. That was in the late 90s and, I...
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My First CDP: Why I chose a CDP as my ESP replacement

Every once in a while, during our careers, we get to do something truly exciting. Launch a new product. Solve a business problem in a novel way. Build a new system. On rare occasions, we get to do all these things at once. This is one of those stories. These situations...
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You've Got Mail

As I wrote this, Americans were finishing our first full-month of stay-at-home orders to slow the spread of Covid-19, a worldwide pandemic the likes of which our generation has never witnessed. Restaurants, bars and brick-and-mortar retail establishments were shuttered. Office workers (or at least the lucky ones who still had jobs) were...
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