tejas pitkarTejas Pitkar manages Outbound Marketing Strategy for Hurix Digital.

He loves analyzing data and diving deep to find valuable insights for marketers. He has written multiple Email benchmark reports and CMO survey reports. He also gives back to the email industry with his volunteer work at the Only Influencers Diversity Committee.

An #emailgeek at heart, he likes writing blogs, guides, and sharing email knowledge.

He enjoys hiking, backpacking, reading books, and drinking his favorite Chai in his free time.

You can reach him via his social handles:

Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tejas-pitkar

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TPitkar

5 reasons newsletters are a must for your B2B Business


I am currently navigating the B2B SaaS world with Hurix digital. As part of our email marketing strategy, we decided to start a monthly newsletter for customers and potential prospects alike. At Hurix our products have a very niche audience, so a monthly newsletter will deliver specific messages to particular profiles....

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