mark morin

Mark Morin is owner and president of, a relationsihp marketing collaboratory focused on growing sales through email automation.

Author, professional speaker, and trainer, he also teaches marketing at the University of Montreal.  

Nobody reads your emails -- and it's all your fault!

You’re not getting the readership you hoped for? Your open rates and click-throughs are generally poor. And you’re wondering what’s wrong? Read on to learn why.  Assuming that you don’t have an inbox-placement issue, your customers aren’t reading your emails because:  Your copy doesn’t provide valuable content – Yes, there are...
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Before you press send, think again! Do your emails build or break customer relationships?

Is it just me, or does it feel like a hoard of lawyers has invaded the inbox? I can’t even count the number of email messages from CEOs I never heard from telling me how important the wellbeing of their employees and their customers is. Or how they are now taking...
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