Sean DuffySean Duffy is founder of Segmentum, an eCRM strategy & implementation agency, and Reignite, a real-time email personalisation platform.

Sean has been in the email marketing industry since 2003, initially spending 10 years at a start-up ESP, helping establish them as one of the UK's leading email marketing platforms. Since then he has also worked client-side before creating Segmentum in 2015.

Artificial intelligence solutions for Email Marketing: Do you understand what you are buying?

Back in the 2000s everyone used to ask ESPs what their email delivery rate was. It was a meaningless number but one ESP would quote 98% delivery rates, the next would just claim 99%. Now you get the same questions around 'is your platform AI driven?' and ESPs have added AI...
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Using ‘Strategic Email Personalisation’ to increase the standing of email marketing with the C-Suite

As an email marketer for over 18 years across vendor, client and agency side I’m always struck by how much of our time is spent on tactical initiatives and having the feeling of being a factory producing the same campaigns week after week. It seems to me that most email marketers...
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