Christmann PaulPaul Christmann, Chief Innovation Officer,

5 years ago, Paul Christmann started his journey into the world of email. With over 20 years experience building SaaS products, Paul led the effort to create rasa’s AI-powered newsletter platform. As rasa has grown, Paul has championed efforts to measure how increasing the personalization of each individual email can lead to significant improvements in overall newsletter performance. As Chief Innovation Officer, Paul is now charged with furthering this effort - and exploring how other emerging technologies can build better newsletters.

Paul’s initial interest in software development, and algorithms in particular, started nearly 30 years ago, delivering solutions for aircraft scheduling for one of the largest US Airlines. He has since brought that passion for building software solutions to many different platforms and industries. Based in New Orleans, he is also an AVID fan of all things Notre Dame. Geaux Irish!

When does 1+1 not equal 2?  Unique vs Total Clicks


This is a story of unique and total clicks: how they are computed, what they mean, and how you can make the most of them. One morning recently, I started my day with a query from a client who was reviewing their engagement reports from our platform, and wondering why the...

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