A Deep Dive into Opt-Out Activity


Back in 2021, I wrote an article for Only Influencers sharing data from OPTIZMO’s annual Email Opt-Out Infographic. That infographic covered data from 2018-2020, so it culminated with a look at how a year of the COVID-19 pandemic influenced email opt-out behavior. (Is it just me or is it hard to...

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Building email with generative AI: From fragments to whole campaigns


Generative AI today is quite a big trend that is rapidly gaining momentum and finding its place in the work processes of email marketers. Statistics confirm this, since: 43% of respondents rely heavily on GenAI in email creation processes 49% of email marketers believe GenAI helps them make their emails more...

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Email Marketing Sustainability: Everyone Can Play a Part


Given that every email takes electricity to send and store, how can email marketers lower their carbon footprint? That was the central question behind “Green Your Emails,” the keynote presentation by Zillow’s Alice Li at Litmus Live last fall. Despite the increasing number of headlines about climate change and extreme weather,...

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The Cost-Scope-Time-Quality Triangle of Generative AI


I’ll admit it. I’m a skeptic by nature. It’s not that I don’t like innovation; it’s that I try, at all costs, to avoid ‘bright shiny object’ syndrome. I’ve been playing with AI (some of you may have attended the webinar Tamara Gielen and I did last month on using AI...

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When Gamification in Email Sign-Up Forms Misses the Mark


In the world of digital marketing, we're always on the lookout for the next big thing that'll improve our engagement and grow our lists. That's where the idea of gamifying sign-up forms caught my eye. It sounded like a game-changer—literally. The plan? Make signing up as fun as playing a game,...

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Do you get a second chance to make a first impression?


The importance of setting a first impression Setting first impressions in email marketing begins with the first email a subscriber receives after entering their email address in your signup form. That newly excited subscriber eager to receive your organisation's emails has expressed an interest; they want to learn more. So, how...

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How customers's unconscious decisions impact your email marketing


As marketers we tend to overthink how our customers feel, and how they interact with the marketing emails we send them. We obsess about what goes into the messages and the schedule, order and cadence of messaging. We’ve designed the campaigns so customers will rationally follow our lovely call-to-action as their...

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How a Simple Tool Changed the Way We Analyze Email Test Results


Want to make the right choice? Run a test. A series of tests will be even better (for validation). Some of the large companies we work with require testing several hypotheses in a single email campaign. To make the necessary changes fast, we needed a convenient way to work with the...

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Is Marketing Ready For RCS?


The noise surrounding AI has drowned out darn near everything for a year, but there are market shifts not AI worth some attention. This post covers one that could have as much impact on email-marketing teams (and vendors) in the short term: Apple and RCS. First, a quick primer on RCS...

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Where’s That Tab? ADHD and Working in Email with Tips on How to Leverage Your Strengths


While at an industry event, a group of us found ourselves bonding over a common thread: ADHD – or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. We spent a few minutes groaning about our struggles. But then we turned our conversation towards the benefits our shared experience brings us in our professional lives. Email...

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Advanced Strategies for Personalizing Email Marketing: From Proven Tactics to Future Trends


Introduction The digital age is fuelled by personalization. The more aligned an experience is with an individual’s preferences, the more likely they are to engage and convert. And nowhere is this more relevant than in email marketing. Let's deep dive into advanced strategies, innovations, and what the future holds for personalized...

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The DNS Oversight


With the Yahoo-Gmail requirements rolling out, I’m getting a lot more requests to help senders get setup and prepared for the new normal. And although there are MANY ”Yahoogle” webinars, many more questions still remain. The sheer volume of questions, even if they are repetitive, and blog posts, webinars, and Q&As...

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3 Key Takeaways from the Top 1000/Top 100 E-Tailer ESPs market share.


Last month Only Influencers hosted a webinar presenting new research from Publicare Marketing Communications GmbH on the most popular ESPs for U.S. E-retailers. Jeanne Jennings moderated, with Marion Krohn and Rober Harnischmacher from Publicare presenting their findings; I was there too, to discuss the findings. You can watch the full 1-hour...

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Can AI win based on the metric of time?


    I had some high hopes when I started using AI a year ago. I believed using AI tools would save me timeenhance email performanceproduce superior email copy. I wrote about assumptions #2 &  #3 in AI For The Win. Even after proving that AI didn’t always produce superior email...

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The Nigerian prince, the (fake) future, and the King


The DMA Consumer Email Tracker 2023 report states that email remains the preferred and trusted channel and the top choice for one-on-one communication. According to consumers, email surpasses all other marketing channels in terms of its effectiveness in various customer journey stages. This includes pre-purchase activities like receiving discounts, offers, product...

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Want better email results? Invest more and demand more


We email marketers can argue about everything, from acquisition to frequency, AI to organic content, and even what to call the emails we send. (I will go on record now and forever to maintain that we must never, ever, call email campaigns "blasts.") But one thing we can all agree on...

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Beyond Blah: Crafting exceptional emails your audience can't ignore


How many emails do you see (and maybe even create) that are “OK”? It’s not enough anymore. This guide equips you with five ways to transform your campaigns from forgettable to phenomenal. Master planning, storytelling, killer content, tech and channel integration. Rise above the inbox noise, crafting emails that captivate, build...

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Make 2024 the year you let strategy lead your planning


I made a big mistake at the start of the year. I began planning for my company’s year by asking myself, "What do I need to do this year?" You might think that's a normal question, but it’s really a muscle memory from the crazy days of 2020, early in the...

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Email Frequency: How Many Is Too Many?


Whether you are a double opt-in, only send email to people who have engaged with your email in the last 2 weeks person or a spammer, one fundamental truth stands out: the frequency of your email campaigns drives every aspect of your email metrics. From opens and clicks to sales and,...

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From Subscription to Success: The Rise of Email Newsletters as Digital Goldmines


In a digital world teeming with information overload, a phoenix rises from the ashes of traditional content: the email newsletter. This once modest player in the digital realm has undergone a spectacular transformation, emerging as a potential standalone business powerhouse and a lucrative revenue stream for existing online brands. The Power...

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