Is your organization more ‘IWBITWC’ or ‘ASNS'? How to balance marketing and product teams to build long-term success.

Marketing and product are different but complimentary teams in any business. As an employee and now as a consultant, I’ve seen first-hand how the balance between them can help or hinder an organization. Read on to learn how to determine whether your company leans more toward marketing or product, and how...

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Tiffany: Personalization in a post-GDPR world


Marketers are reeling in a post-GDPR world. Use of our most vital tool – data – has been restricted. At the same time, 62% of consumers are demanding personalised experiences as standard. Something that’s impossible to produce without customer data. These two opposing pressures are making some marketers very worried. This doesn’t only affect the UK either, it affects every business. If you only have a single customer that is based in Europe, GDPR rules apply.

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Phelan: Digital Marketing: It's Not Just About Email


Having recently re-entered the job market (and thanks to Bill for the complimentary announcement here), I found myself looking back on the most recent phase of my career and realizing how much it has broadened my perspective on what mar-tech and ad-tech mean. You might know me as the pretty face...

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Case Study: How We Achieved a 1,200% Increase in Revenue for a Welcome Email


Yes, you read that right. We’ve checked and rechecked the metrics a dozen times. With a technology swap and strategic changes to a client’s welcome email content, we achieved these outrageous results: a 1,196 percent increase in revenue per email delivered.

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Jenna Tiffany: The top 3 things to watch out for when using Marketing Automation


Marketing automation is wonderful. It’s taken so much of the hard work away from marketing departments that it’s tempting to sit back, relax, and let the software run the show.

But let’s not forget that marketing automation isn’t there to replace human marketers. It’s there to enable them. The software can only work with what you give it, and it can only do what you tell it to. So it’s easy to make mistakes!

Here are three of the most common issues to watch out for when using marketing automation:

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Must Read: Even GDPR Can't Kill Email


On rare occasions Only Influencers publishes an article so important to the future of email marketing and its stakeholders that we label it "Must Read". Todays rebuttal, written by Kath Pay and Tim Watson, of a recent CNBC article is one of those rare occasions.

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Kordek: Get the Attention and Investment Your Email Program Deserves


I spend a lot of time speaking at conferences and events, which gives me the opportunity to talk with email marketers across the country. While the cities may change, I often hear a similar refrain: I’m understaffed and undervalued. People in my organization give very little attention to the email program .Every year I am continually tasked with growing lists and the program while budgets remain flat and patience amongst stakeholders wears thin.

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A/B Testing That Lifts ROI: Not All Testing is Created Equal


It’s so prevalent in the industry that it’s become a running joke. When someone asks what the best, highest, fastest, most impactful tactic or strategy is? We say, “Let’s test it!” Not sure how to show your team that your brilliant idea is the right way to go? Better test it.

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4 Common but Serious Email RFP Mistakes


RFPs have real consequences for your company, and possibly for your job. Here’s a list of 4 of the most common mistakes we’ve encountered when being be hired to salvage an email RFP.

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No Email Gloom & Doom – We're Getting Smarter


<Pick up microphone>

In my February blog post for Only Influencers, I asked you, "How strong is the state of our union?" My own answer was ambivalent.

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6 Critical New Email Engagement Metrics To Track


For close to 20 years, the tracking of email marketing engagement metrics has not changed very much. Apart from the standard open and click metrics with variants, marketers rely on engagement metrics that only scratch the surface of what it takes to propel growth within a program. In fact many industry benchmark reports, still use metrics that have been been around for a long time.

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Email Innovation Summit - straight from the stage


(Industry Veteran David Baker delivered one of the three keynote addresses at this years Email Innovations Summit. David had been away from the conference stage for a few years as a result of losing his ability to speak. Using text-to-speech technology, we were honored to invite David back to the stage. Needless to say, he hit it out of the park.I asked him to discuss his experiences in presenting. Thanks, David!)

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The New Rules of Email Subscriber Acquisition


For as long as marketers have been using email, email subscriber acquisition has been an important element of successful programs. The larger an email list, the greater the revenue opportunity. The more addresses a marketer acquires, the better chance he or she has of bringing on some great new customers.

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Email Marketing and the Real World


“My grill station just went down, my bartender is drunker than his patrons, and my hostess just quit mid-shift. Can I call you back tomorrow?”

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Omnichannel 101: Integrating SMS with an Existing Email Program


Many companies now ask for a customer’s phone number as well as the email address at point of sale, shipping, or entry. They use online forms or capture it in person through a pin pad or mobile credit card reader.

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Mitchell: GDPR: EU’s New Privacy Law – Does It Affect You?


If your business collects personal data from people residing in the European Union, regardless of where in the world your business is based, then it’s most likely in progress with an implementation plan to comply with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) that comes into effect on May 25, 2018. If your business falls into the first bucket but hasn’t started yet, then it’s as late as being a 50-mile drive away from its best friend’s wedding that starts in 4 minutes.

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Kordek: What Email Marketing Books won’t Teach You


Email marketing books are only as good as the authors who write them and for those who implement their recommendations.

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Jennings: 3 Mini Case Studies: Email Segmentation, Automation and Personalization/Customization


How smart are your email segmentation, automation and personalization/customization strategies? Work on these 3 mini case studies, based on projects I’ve done with my clients, to find out.

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Systems Check: Looking at Email Health


In light of my last post for the Influencers blog, I thought it good karma to write a systems check post in order to show a fundamental, systematic process for improving the customer experience from hard data - in turn, making email marketing more fun, and definitely more rewarding. Email marketing is a craft; an art form, melding technical precision and emotively-artistic talents. The reward for appreciating this craft is a profitable, interactive email channel. The customer experience is ultimately relational, data or no data, trigger or no trigger - every email needs to relate to the recipient.

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Do You Acquire Email Subscribers Like Top UK Brands? Check Yourself Here


After nearly 20 years in the industry, it still astonishes me to find how many email marketers aren't doing everything they can – legally! – to acquire high-quality subscribers.

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