Sol Medvidofsky is an accomplished email marketer and was most recently the SVP of Digital Communications at Citi.

Marco Marini is the CEO of ClickMail Marketing, a vendor-agnostic reseller of email marketing solutions. Marco is an acknowledged expert in e-marketing with over 15 years of experience in the field. Before taking over as CEO at ClickMail, he was the VP of Marketing & Operations. Marco has also held key marketing positions with CyberSource, eHealthInsurance, DoveBid and IBM Canada.

Richelo Killian is the founder and CEO of InboxJam (Email Marketing Consultancy) and ContactJam (ESP). He has been involved with marketing businesses online since 1997, and has used virtually every ESP in existence, and even founded his own ESP in 2009. He has worked deep in the trenches of email deliverability and initially handled all aspects of deliverability for his own ESP.

As VP Solutions Consulting, at Trendline Interactive, Chester has a passion for technology and is focused on finding the right application and marketing solution for client problems. A recognized Salesforce MVP, Chester is the Co-Author of Salesforce Marketing Cloud For Dummies. Want an Exclusive Discount on the book?

kath payKath lives and breathes email marketing, she is not only a world renown speaker and trainer but practices her art with her consultancy, Holistic Email Marketing, where she is Founder and CEO. Many years ago she coined a phrase, Holistic Email Marketing and not only practices this approach within her consultancy, but also teaches it to her students and clients. She is one of the World's Top 50 Email Marketing Influencers (Vocus, 2014).

Peter Steele

CEO, Revenue Automation

Revenue Automation Inc. (RA) is a digital marketing agency that specializes in B2C Marketing Automation.We solve the marketer's dilemma of never having enough time or resources to get their job done. RA works with professional marketers to implement B2C marketing processes, systems and services required to generate more revenue. We go beyond the technology and offer full-service marketing support (database marketing, creative, content and campaign management) with a focus on measurable results.

Elliot Ross is Founder and Managing Director of Action Rocket

I am passionate about my work in the email marketing industry and seek to actively participate in the development of industry best practices and standards. I have always had an interest in strategic and analytic topics in business allowing me the ability to see the big picture and communicate that in a way that educates and illustrates. My goal is to move business, organizations and people the from a vision of "what could be" to "what is".

Specialties:Email marketing, Interactive Marketing, Cross Channel and Multi Channel Integration, Search and Digital/Internet Strategy

Word to the Wise provides consulting and software services around abuse and security issues for ISPs, ESPs. We also consult with companies using email as part of their communication with customers. 

Our consulting arm works with companies to develop and implement policies around email address collection and data handling. We also act as a mediator between companies and ISP and blocklists that may be blocking mail from our clients. 

Our software product, Abacus, is a ticketing system designed specifically to meet the needs of a security and abuse desk.

Having an Email Crisis? 800 823-9674

Laura Atkins, Word to the Wise Email Delivery Blog:

Caldwell head shot

Active in email marketing since 1996, Red Pill Email founder and Origin Email Co-Founder, John Caldwell, has worked on the agency side, the client side, and as a consultant, using deployment tools from ESPs to in-house to homegrown email systems.

John has been involved in over 100 ESP vendor selections for major clients since 2005, and has produced an annual Email Vendor Features & Functions Guide since 2009.

He is a Member of the Email Experience Council formerly serving on the Member Advisory Committee, as Chair of the Marketing & Membership, Co-Chair of the Email Measurement Accuracy Roundtable/Advisory Board, a member of the former Speakers Bureau, and member of the former Career Paths Roundtable. 

I have extensive Email Marketing knowledge and experience from over 20 years in the business. I've helped Small and mid-size companies as well as Fortune 500 companies reach their goals and maximize their email marketing budgets.

Specialties: B2C email marketing in Retail, Energy, Agriculture, Insurance, Healthcare and political/policy marketing as well as B2B email marketing, .

Jordie van Rijn is an independent marketing consultant at his company EmailMonday with more than 13 years of experience under his belt. He is the founder of the international platform for Email and Marketing Automation Software selection

Brands like Unilever, EndeMol, KLM and Roche turn to him for advice. Next to helping companies improve their marketing results he is often asked as a trainer and speaker in the field of online marketing. His practical and enthusiastic approach is contagious and will have you sending better emails the next day.

Jaffer Ali is a serial entrepreneur and currently the CEO of e-commerce company PulseTV. He can be reached at j (dot) ali (at) PulseTV (dotcom)

David bakerDavid Baker
Digital Visionary, Consultant, Writer, Builder of products, people and companies

I would classify my career in two words; "Multiplier Effect"​. Combination of two decades of great connections to smart people, roles and access at the highest levels within some of the largest Data and Agency brands and with some of the largest, most iconic brands in the industry. . My role is to optimize today, prepare for tomorrow and drive smart technology and business innovation cross the Adtech/Marketing industry. I've learned to give knowledge unconditionally and that you must continually reinvent yourself and your outlook.

Gretchen is a marketing consultant with 15+ years of experience developing and implementing strategic solutions to business challenges. The best opportunities start with the business need, map known customer behaviors, consider communication solutions across marketing channels, and guide people (both customers and employees) to act in ways that reflect their own best interests while working towards business goals and objectives. Gretchen has a background in traditional direct marketing channels, such as telemarketing, teleservice, and direct mail, as well as experience with digital marketing tools and channels from search engine marketing and online servicing to blogging, email, social, and mobile.Specialties:Digital MarketingDigital StrategySocial Media Integration, Social CRMP&L ManagementStrategy Development & Implementation Contract NegotiationsLoyalty MarketingB2C & B2B Marketing Demand Generation & Direct Response Marketing Email Marketing / Mobile Marketing / TelemarketingSEM/Corporate Blogging